Great Spiritual Meditation Trip (Osiris –Isis –Horus) | 11 Days / 10 Nights

  • Spiritual tour price , please contact us via email: [email protected]
  • Private spiritual time at The Pawls of Sphinx
  • Private time in the King Chamber Pyramid for two hours
  • Private spiritual time in the Osiris Tomb for two
  • Private  sunrise time at Philae’s Isis Temple


Great Spiritual Meditation Trip (OsirisIsisHorus)

Day One -Arrival at Cairo International Airport:

After arrive at Cairo international airport, Kemet Travel Tour Manager will meet and assist you with the emigration Egypt visa department to obtain  Egypt entry Visa, then collect bags and transfer to  our great accommodations in Mena House hotel which is just located right in front of the great pyramid , welcome drink and Overnight at the Mena House.- room overlooking the Great Pyramid

 Day Two: Tour to Saqqara – Lunch & Egyptian Museum

Breakfast, start a tour with private English speaking Egyptologist tour guide by visiting the Saqqara Necropolis.Start with the Old Kingdom tombs of the Nobles of the V1th Dynasties (2350 – 2200 BC). After the Noble Tombs, Then go into the Saqqara Pyramid Complex itself which built in the reign of the third Dynasty by Pharaoh Zoser (2700 BC). Saqqara is supposed to be the first major stone complex in Egypt. Lunch is included at a neat outdoor local restaurant , after lunch ,a visit to the acclaimed Egyptian museum , the world’s greatest repository of ancient relics. End of the day and back to Mena House hotel – Overnight in Cairo

Day Three: Giza Pyramids & the Great Sphinx &Osiris Tomb & Fly To luxor – Al Moudira Boutique Hotel – Over Night in Luxor 

Breakfast in our Hotel with a view of Great Pyramid , This morning, a  very special, private visit in the Great Pyramid King’s Chambers ( underground rock chamber-/ so-called Queen’s  chamber/the king ‘s chamber) for 2 hours . Here, unite internal energy with those who have come before  and those who comes after , then a visit  the first  source of the meditation and ritual is ,the Osiris tomb (2 hours), this  tomb  is one of the most incredible finds ever  , It is located 36 m underground behind the back of the Sphinx, Osiris the God of the afterlife ,the underworld , the  dead and the resurrection. The presence of Osiris and the Immortals is tangible in the 6 small burial chambers ( Level 2) and in the inner the burial chamber with a large basalt sarcophagus stands in a water-filled emplacement in the center of this chamber (Level3)  Afterwards ,then have a private visit at the Sphinx (the God Horus in the horizon ), the third source of the meditation and ritual.  Late  transferred to domestic flight to Luxor, arrival in Luxor and transfer to  Boutique Hotel Al Moudira – Overnight in Luxor

Day Four : Visit the West Bank of Luxor – Lunch – Overnight in Al Moudira Boutique Hotel 

Early Breakfast in Hotel, Day excursion with English speaking guide to Valley of Kings the royal cemetery of the New Kingdom, a visit to three tombs (suggestion is highly recommended), after that a visit Al Deir Al – Bahari Temple , the only temple of Ancient Egypt built in three levels , this unique temple belong to glorious queen Hatshepsut , after the temple visit a lunch will be served in an Egyptian restaurant faced Habu Temple , after lunch tour to the valley of Nobles include a visit to tombs of Ramose and Userhat, back to hotel and overnight in West bank.

Day Five:  Excursion to the East Bank of Luxor 

 Breakfast in our Hotel, a day excursion with English speaking guide to the holly shrine of Ancient Egypt temple of Karnak which dedicated to God Amon (visit the statue 

of Goddess Sekhmet spirit providing ), then tour to Luxor Museum, after the museum visit a lunch will be served in Sofra Restaurant an authentic Egyptian style furniture and food – after lunch a time to visit the sister temple of Karnak, the temple of Luxor at the sunset time – back to hotel in west bank and overnight in Luxor.

Day Six ; Luxor – Esna – First Night in Nile Dahabiya

Breakfast in our Boutique Hotel, check out and transfer to our private House boat Nile Dahabiya for the 05 days / 04 Nights journey, check in Nile Dahabiya boat for the next five days,  sail up the Nile River from Esna to Aswan for the next four nights. a visit Esna Temple and cruise to El Kab, the ancient town of Nekheb, to visit the remains of its temples and some of the tombs dug into the cliffs. Set sail for a small island where the boat will moor for the night. Dinner will be served on board the Dahabiya or on the tranquil bank of the Nile. First night on board. – Breakfast in our Hotel – (Lunch and Dinner)  in our house boat Nile Dahabiya

 Day Seven; Dahabiya – Edfu  Temple – Second night
Breakfast ,  Sail for Edfu, visit to temple of Horus, regarded as the best-preserved of all the temples in Egypt. Set sail for a small island where the boat will moor for the night, later stops will take to small villages and the desert. Dinner will be served on board the Dahabiya or on the tranquil bank of the Nile. Second night on board. B) – Included in our Nile Dahabiya – (L) – Included in our Nile Dahabiya – (D) – Included

 Day Eight; Dahabiya – Gebel El Silsila – Island of Maniha – Overnight in Island Third night

Breakfast ,  Sail to Gebel el Silsila, explore the ancient sandstone quarries and rock-cut chapels of Horemheb, Seti I, Ramesses II and Merenptah. The journey up the Nile continues towards the double temple of Haroeris and Sobek in Kom Ombo. Setting sail to the island of Maniha, where the Dahabiya will moor for the evening. Dinner will be served on board the Dahabiya or on the tranquil bank of the Nile. Third night on board (B) – Included in our Nile Dahabiya – (L) – Included in our Nile Dahabiya

Day Nine: – Dahabiya – Daraw Camel Market – El Koubania Nubian Village – Aswan – Fourth night 

Breakfast ,  Sail to Daraw, walking tour to the village and visit the markets of Daraw, once the last stop of the famous 40 Days desert road between Sudan and Egypt. Sailing continues to the Nubian village of El Koubania, nearby Aswan. Fourth and last night on board. B) – Included in our Nile Dahabiya – (L) – Included in our Nile Dahabiya – (D) – Included

Day Ten:  Dahabiya – Old Cataract Hotel – Overnight in Aswan 
Breakfast at the Dahabiya; check out. Afterthat have a private visit at the temple of Philae,  Phalae is home to the Immortals and The Great Mother Isis ,Isis is the second  source of the sunrise meditation and ritual . In the inner the holy of the Holies of Philae temple, we feel the presence of Isis and Immortals. Then visit the temple of Kalabsha and the High dam. After this excursion and before sunset a felucca trip in and around Aswan with visits to Elephantine Island and Kitchener Island, known to locals as the Island of Plants. Back to the Legend Old Cataract Hotel, free evening in Aswan to explore the old Market of Aswan or to enjoyevening time in Old Cataract hotel– Rooms with a River nile overlooking – Overnight in Aswan.

Day Eleven : Aswan– Cairo – Final Departure

Breakfast at our hotel, check out and transfer to Aswan airport for domestic flight to Cairo, then transfer to our international flights to home.


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