Day Tour to Saqqara and Dashour



Day Tour to Saqqara and Dashour

Kemet Travel representative will Pick you up from any place in Cairo, then we will go to Saqqara to see The Step Pyramid of Djoser. This pyramid was constructed 4.700 years ago for King Djoser by the legendary architect Imhotep and it was the first pyramid ever built by the Egyptians. Nearby the Pyramid we will visit a mysterious site called Sarapeum Located North West of the Pyramid of Djoser. This extraordinary subterranean site was the burial place of the Apis bulls, this incredible the most important monument in the history of Egyptology. Next time for a lunch in an open air local restaurant surrounding by palm trees, after lunch we will go to Dahshur where Bent and Red Pyramids are located. The pyramids were built for Pharaoh Snefru.The Bent Pyramid was probably the first planned from the outset to be true pyramid with smooth sides. As one of the most unusual pyramids in Egypt. as well as one of the best preserved. After the site visit back to our place in Cairo , End of our Day Tour to Saqqara and Dashour – Bon Voyage.

Tour Price Based in two Person

Tor Price including Sites entry Fees

Tour Price in a Kemet Private  A/C Touring bus

Tour including Lunch in a local resturant

Tour escort by one of Kemet Expert Egyptlogy guide


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