Sinai and arround

Here, not for the first time, you fell deeply in love with the landscape ….you longed to reach out to reach out and stroke the great   gaunt flanks of the mountain falling away into bewildering foot-hills and plains of dazzling sand … it’s Sinai, The land of Turquoise .Sinai, the region f strak beauty, has been the place of refuge, conflict and curiosity for thousands of year. Prophets, merchants, nomads, exiles and conquerors have all left their footprints here.
Sinai was formed about 40 million years ago when African the Arabian continental plates began to depart. In Pharaonic times the quarries of Sinai provided great quantities of turquoise, gold and  copper. Early in Christian era, Sinai was a place for Christian Egyptians to escape Roman persecution but during the Islamic era, the peninsula became one of the most important routes taken to Mecca by Muslim pilgrims. Oil fields and tourism have greatly change the area. Now, Millions of tourists escape to Sinai resorts such as Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab and Nuweiba to relax along the Red Sea coast.

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